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Summer 2019: Camping and Rain



Hate being uncomfortable on your camping trip due to rain? It’s just like having a cold pizza delivered. Damp. Miserable. Soaked clothes everywhere. Muggy socks. Humid. It can ruin a perfect outing. If you and your group aren’t prepared for a sudden downpour usually rain is greeted with groans and retreats into tents.

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If it’s forecasted to rain on your trip maybe just stay home. Your family might be disheartened at this proposition but consider what might happen if you do go – your kids have their distractions and they’re under a solid roof, and you and your partner have some time to entertain some other venture that you might have put off. Or just relax at home, that works too. But if you continue on your trip then continue reading.



If the trip is A-OK’ed then getting the right equipment helps in the long run. Waterproof tents, waterproof seam sealer, and heavy-duty water repellent are essential. Lots of plastic bags. Newspaper soaks up water like no-one’s business. The usual assortment of warm clothes, ponchos, back-up set of clothes in case something happens. Towels. Tarps (light and heavy) for protection against sun, wind, and rain. Bring ropes and poles to set up temporary shelter that is angled and sloping so that water runs off it as opposed to pooling in one spot and risking a mini-flood in your campsite.

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Positioning of Tent

Also a part of preparation set up your tent away from lakes and rivers in case they flood. Find a flat area that’s at a slight slope so you don’t get inundated with water. A few trees around helps to serve as anchor points for tarps for kitchen and lounge areas. Tarps are versatile – not only for roofing purposes but you can use them as flooring for your kitchen and lounge areas; you can even lay down a tarp flooring for your tent to protect it. If able dig trenches leading away and downwards from your campsite to assist in removing water.


Rain gear. Implementing a layering system will help prevent hypothermia and keep water out. Polyester and wool under a waterproof jacket keeps water out and you warm. Brightly colored and fluroscent coats and jackets will let others know that you aren’t an unkown creature walking around in the night.


Collecting Water

Either directly capture it by putting your opened bottle in a clearing with no trees nearby, or funneled down via tarp. Always filter the water you collect from Mother Nature so you don’t get somehting nasty like bird poo, parasites and the like. Bring collected water to the boil for 10 minutes will eradicate most nasties. Purifying is a step-up from filtering involving chemicals to the water to remove what filtering could not. Commonly in pill/tablet form some might come with a second pill/tablet to reduce the odd odour and taste that comes with using them. This sounds great and all but it is not for those in a hurry – there is usually a long wait for the chemicals to work their magic.


Keep firewood free from water as much as you can. Protecting coals with large logs. Getting yourself a waterproof match plus waterproof matches will help you in starting a fire while under a sudden downpour. Tinder is your next concern; the thin wood shavings of a dry log or waterproof tinder will quickly start any fire. Kindling is often confused with tinder but the difference being that kindling burns a bit longer. As with tinder it can be collected from the wild as well as purchased. If from the wild only use fallen and dead wood as live wood does not burn.


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